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Tulum-inous: The Final Day

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Cancún (Playa Delphines, El Fish Fritanga)

My last day in Mexico was spent in Cancún.

I explored Playa Delphines which means "dolphin beach," and was named such for the once frequent dolphin sightings, that are unfortunately rare today. This long stretch of white sand beach is the only one in Zona Hotelera that does not have a massive hotel looming in the background.

That is why it is a favorite destination for locals to surf, swim, built a sandcastle and relax under the palapas (thatched roof covering).

I opted to go to a local joint called El Fish Fritanga Taqueria for my last meal before leaving Mexico. With a name like that, it made sense to order at least one fish taco, right?

Taco de camaron empanizado, pescado empanizado and chicharron prensado

(counter-clockwise from top)

Fried shrimp and fish tacos and pressed pork taco

Ironically, the fish taco was the only one that I didn't enjoy. The fish was dry and breaded so thick that the flavor did not come through. The shrimp taco was better but was covered in the same breading as the fish and reminded me of the breading on frozen, chicken nuggets. Not good. My favorite was the taco chicharron prensado. I definitely didn't expect that at a place called El Fish Fritanga.

With the clock ticking toward my plane's departure, it was time to say goodbye. My last thoughts...

Whether rain...

...or shine...

I love Tulum! And, I think you will too.

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