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Tulum-inous Day Five

*Tulum, MUSA, Isla Mujeres, Cancún (Puerto Madera)

Enchiladas mexicanas con salsa rojo y verde

My last breakfast in Tulum at Piedra Escondida's restaurant Molcajete, consisted of chicken enchiladas with red and green salsa and fresh squeezed orange-pineapple juice. On a full stomach, I headed on to Cancún for a day on the water.

I left midday on a catamaran to do some snorkeling off the coast of Cancún and visit Isla Mujeres.

Lying on the net of the catamaran and peering through the gaps, I was mesmerized by the turquoise waters whooshing by.

The boat anchored and we all jumped out somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. Little did I know that our guide was leading us to the MUSA Underwater Sculpture Park. MUSA is an underwater sculpture project with over 500 sculptures of people, animals, cars, and much more. The sculptures have become an artificial reef growing plants and coral and attracting sea life of all kinds. I wish I had an underwater camera to share what I saw with you.

After snorkeling, we headed to lunch in Isla Mujeres. Prior to docking, we sailed by a beautiful mangrove forest.

Isla Mujeres, or "Island of Women" in English, lies about 8 miles from Cancún. The island is small (5 miles long and 1/3 of a mile wide), tranquil, and charming, with very few cars. This is the perfect place for a day trip. The journey from Cancún across the crystal clear waters is relaxing and peaceful.

On our way back to Cancún, I watched the sun set over the Caribbean Sea while lying on the net of the catamaran, blanketed in the warm and salty sea breeze.

This is a memory I won't soon forget.

I got back just after dusk and in time for dinner. Puerto Madero was a highly reviewed restaurant in Cancun.

The restaurant is very elegant, the staff is lovely, and the dining room is impressive.

There is also a beautiful view of the lagoon.

The food however, was mediocre at best. Between the average meal and the more than average tab, this was a disappointing experience.

Sashimi mixto de atún, hamachi y salmón

Mixed sashimi of tuna, hamachi and salmon

Tacos de arrachera prime con cebolla caramelizados, guacamole y tortillas

Prime, flank steak tacos with caramelized onions, guacamole and tortillas.

Though the meal was underwhelming, the rest of the day more than made up for it. This was my last night in Mexico. Up next is my final day.

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