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Gotta Burrata

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Burrata is a fresh, creamy and luscious cheese made from cow's milk. It was first made in the 1920s in the southern Italian Murgia territory, in the outskirts of the city of Andria. Today, you can find it headlining many menus and in grocery stores around the world.

At first glance, this plump ball of cheese can be mistaken for mozzarella. The outer layer is springy in texture and thus, quite similar to fresh mozzarella. Burrata means "buttery" in Italian and this cheese is indeed buttery and decadent. In order to experience that butteriness, you need to cut through the outer layer, exposing the stracciatella (the soft, creamy heart of the cheese) that will slowly seep out, once liberated.

Burrata can be served a variety of ways. Below are several preparations I have enjoyed at various restaurants in California.

Osteria Mozza - Los Angeles, California

Nancy Silverton's restaurant, Osteria Mozza, for which she earned a Michelin Star, features a burrata bar. The first portion of the menu is dedicated to between 10-12 burrata options. If you gotta burrata, I suggest starting here.

Burrata with 24-month Prosciutto di Parma, Pesto and Fried Ceci Beans

A16 - San Francisco and Oakland, California

A16's flagship restaurant was founded in 2004 on Chestnut Street in San Francisco's Marina District. Since then, A16 restaurants have been opened in the United States in Oakland, California and in Japan in both Tokyo and Yokohama.

Ignalat Burrata

Burrata, crostini, olive oil, sea salt.

A16 San Francisco serves the most straightforward burrata of the restaurants in this post. Their burrata is light and airy and comes with just the right sprinkle of sea salt and a drizzle of high quality olive oil. For a twist on this burrata appetizer, visit the Oakland location where they offer burrata with dragoncello and pistachio, or a smoked version of this delicious cheese.

Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch - St. Helena, California

Farmstead serves what they call "American farmhouse cuisine," using ingredients from Long Meadow Ranch, an organic farm established in 1872. Farmstead also has a year-round farmer's market featuring their meat and produce, a cafe and a summer concert series. Visit the restaurant for their delicious food and wine or bring your own bottle. Farmstead only charges a $10 corkage fee, all of which is donated to a different non-profit each month.

Warm Di Stefano Burrata with whole roasted garlic, pickles, estate olive oil and grilled bread.

Doppio Zero - Mountain View, San Francisco and Concord, California

Doppio Zero was founded in Mountain View, California in 2014. Since then, they have opened locations in San Francisco and Concord. Doppio Zero specializes in Southern Italian cuisine and has won awards for its Neapolitan style pizza.

Prosciutto and Burrata

24-month aged prosciutto di Parma, fresh burrata cheese, salt, pepper, drizzle of e.v.o.o.

Postino - Lafayette, California

Postino is located in the former post office of the quaint, Northern California, town of Lafayette. The building was designed by Carr Jones, a famous, Bay Area, Story Book builder. Postino serves seasonal, Italian dishes in their vine-covered, brick building. Get a seat near one of their cozy fireplaces and enjoy.

Burrata, artisan salumi, basil, Castelvetrano olives, San Marzano tomato jam, extra virgin olive oil, aged balsamic, warm toast.

No matter how you pair it, you are sure to enjoy this delectable cheese with contrasting textures that will make your sensations clash and thank you. It is firm, soft, spongy, squishy, and creamy all at once. If you have yet to try this cheese, or if you are a veteran, you gotta burrata!

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