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It's my favorite time of year. Greens turn to beauti-fall hues of red, orange and yellow. Cool breezes waft in, and the smells of pumpkin, firewood, cinnamon, hot cocoa and spiced apple surround you. The holidays begin, and bring with them, loved ones from near and far. These are some snapshots of autumn that warm my heart, as the temperatures begin to drop.

Piedmont Grocery

Piedmont, California

Crocker Highlands

Oakland, California

Lake Merritt

Oakland, California

Imagery Winery

Glen Ellen, California


Berkeley, California

Wisteria Rockridge

Oakland, California

Rheem Valley

Moraga, California

Financial District

San Francisco, California


Pacifica, California

Montclair Hills

Oakland, California

Santa Ynez Valley

Santa Ynez, California

Brook Street Park

Lafayette, California

B Cellars

Napa, California

Yasai Produce Market

Oakland, California

Orinda Oaks Park

Orinda, California

Wisteria Rockridge

Oakland, California

Glen Cove

Vallejo, California

Kunde Winery

Kenwood, California

*I was very reluctant to do a blog about falling leaves and the change of seasons from California, because all I ever hear from transplants to the Golden State is that "California doesn't have seasons." Then I happened upon this website entitled "California Fall Color - Dude, autumn happens here, too." Between that and, well....simple observation, I realized that my reservations were ridiculous. While we might not have a New England kind of autumn, there is much to behold during the fall season in California.

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