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Barcelona Part 3: Fine Dining and Farewell

I will bookend my Barcelona series with food, one of my favorite topics. In my first post in this series, I brought you along on my walking tour of tapas, the classic, Spanish cuisine. In my final post on Barcelona, I want to feature two, sit-down restaurants that were exceptional, and take you to a magical spot I found, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Suculent is a gem in the heart of Barcelona's Raval district. The name "Suculent " is a play on the Catalan phrase "sucar lent" which means to dip slowly. Every dish I tasted made me slow down and savor every bite. More literally, I actually "dipped slowly," using the bread the restaurant makes, to sop up every last drop of their delicious sauces.

The restaurant is run by Chef Antonio Romero, who came to Suculent with an impressive resume, including a stint at the famous, El Bulli. His dishes are unconventional, distinctive and utterly delicious.


This fresh anchovy was marinated in orange gelée and olives.

Grilled Maitake

The Maitake mushrooms were meaty and flavorful. Pine nuts and a creamy sauce made this dish a stand out.

Roasted Duck Croquette

Though deep fried, and packed full of duck confit, the croquette was not the least bit dense or greasy. In fact, it was remarkably light and crispy while still being rich.

Red Prawn Ceviche

 This ceviche had just the right balance of acid, creaminess from the avocado, and crunch from the corn. Per the chef's recommendation, be sure to suck on the prawn heads for a flavor punch that is superb.

Steak Tartare Over Grilled Bone Marrow

This might be the restaurant's signature dish. Now, I have had steak tartare, and I have had bone marrow, but together - never! This dish defines indulgence. To balance all the unctuousness happening here, there are cute little potato pillows that provide a nice crunch contrast.


The stingray was prepared with black butter and herbs and placed on creamy, citrus, mashed potatoes.

Lamb Neck

Seasoned with a generous dusting of ras el hanout, the lamb was rich and flavorful. It was served with quinoa mixed with plenty of fresh herbs.

Stuffed Strawberries

Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits and I especially have a weakness for dark chocolate, covered strawberries. These chocolate covered strawberries were a twist on anything I have had before though. They were served with white chocolate, yogurt and vanilla gelée.

Vanilla Cheesecake

Unlike a traditional, American cheesecake made with cream cheese, this cheesecake was made with brie, to my surprise. Brie is that soft, buttery, heavy, cheese with the gooey inside, and yet, this cheesecake was extremely light and fluffy. Completing the dessert was a delicate drizzle of muscat jelly.

That dish concluded my outstanding, dining experience at Suculent. Now, on to Majide, where I enjoyed a fantastic, Japanese meal.


Majide is the casual, sister restaurant of the award winning and fancy, Koy Shunka. Majide is somewhat of a hidden gem. The restaurant, is cozy, quiet and has a personalized feel, especially if you sit at the sushi bar, like I did.

The fish was incredibly fresh and was beautifully presented. My dining experience here was calming due to the tempered pacing of the courses, the hospitable staff, and the relaxing environment.

Ostra "Gillardeau"

I started with a fresh oyster, sprinkled with a little bit of ponzu.

Shiromi con Hoja de Wasabi

Next, it was on to a beautiful white fish served with wasabi leaves.

Tempura de Kokotxas

These tempura-fried fish cheeks were my favorite item on the omakase menu. Fish cheeks are lean, tender and juicy. They are considered the most desirable part of the fish and a delicacy in Asia.

Maguro Taru-Taru

The tuna tartare was such a lovely, almost fuchsia color, and came served with a sesame, ginger sauce.

Almeja con Sake

This dish was such a nice surprise, as I have never had this preparation of clams incorporated in an omakazse meal. The clams were fresh, and came to the table swimming in a light, sake-based broth.

Tokusen Sashimi

All of the nigiri was excellent.

Sushi Mori

Not surprisingly, so was the sushi.

Toro con Trufa Negra

I think my favorite, raw fish preparation of the meal, however was the truffled tuna belly. I have experienced the way that truffle oil enhances a piece of toro nigiri, but this was my first experience eating toro paired with shaved black truffles. All of the delicate flavors actually shined on their own, none overpowering the others.

Toro Tataki

From raw toro, the chef moved me on to faintly cooked toro. This preparation of toro was every so slightly roasted and served with a very light soy sauce.

Green Tea Mochi

Less is more at Majide. None of the plates were overly curated or complicated. Their key is great quality fish, fresh ingredients and beautiful presentation.


With my trip drawing to a close, I decided to get out of the city and take the long, winding road, up to an elevation of almost 1,700 feet to visit Tibidabo, the highest mountain in the Serra de Collserola, a Spanish mountain range.

Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor

The Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is located on the summit of Tibidabo. Atop the church is a statue of Jesus Christ with arms outstretched, that is similar in appearance to Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The name Tibidabo is Latin in origin, and means "I will give to you." It is a reference to Matthew 4:9. In this Bible passage, and those preceding and following, Jesus goes to the desert after fasting for 40 days and nights. There, Satan tempts Him, saying at one point, "All of this I will give to you if you will bow down and worship me." Jesus resists the devil and the devil flees.

View from Tibidabo

The view from Tibidabo is stunning. From the summit, you can see the city of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea.

Chocolate Covered Waffle

There is also an amusement park at Tibidabo and a vendor that sells these fresh, hot waffles with toppings of your choice. I chose chocolate at the suggestion of a little girl ahead of me in line who confidently told me, with hands on her hips, "chocolate es el mejor" (chocolate is the best). Who was I to argue?

And on that sweet note, friends, I'll conclude my Barcelona series. There's still more to come on the rest of my time in Spain, however. Next stop, Madrid.

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